Not the biggest, but hopefully the best

Back in 2005, we were a group of application developers and system administrators very frustrated by one-size-fits-all hosting solutions. We knew that webhosting was not only about the technology, but also about ease of use and the quality of the support. To tackle that problem we decided to focus on PHP, a language that we love and know well. Now that we are older and wiser, we realise how right we were back then. Webhosting is a service, not a commodity, and to provide excellent service you cannot be everything for everyone. We saw an opportunity and we took it.

We became ServerGrove, headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, and we really grew to love what we do. We remained very active in the PHP developer community, and eagerly support open source initiatives, conferences, education and user groups. We get to help interesting people and companies working on amazing projects all the time. We see our clients as partners, their success is tied to ours.

We strive to have an impeccable quality of service. Our fast connections and lean optimized servers are things we take pride in. So are things like daily backups, and being here when you need us. We constantly invest in our technology and infrastructure.

We have also developed our own control panel that lets you manage your linux box from your desktop, mobile phone or via API empowering both experienced and inexperienced developers giving them an amazing level of control with minimal knowledge of system administration.

Today we have die-hard loyal clients from over 80 countries, infrastructure in Europe and North America and a loyal following from the PHP community because we still focus on our core values: ease of use, quality of service, providing knowledgeable support and steadfast support for open source.

What Our Client Saying?