Zend Server Hosting

Zend Server Hosting
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ServerGrove offers preconfigured virtual private servers with Zend Server and ready to run out of the box. Our Zend Server hosting images have been configured bottom up using industry standard best practices for security and performance optimisation and specifically tuned for Zend Server. Consider us before getting a one-size-fits-all hosting solution.

We have also integrated the Zend Server into our control panel making it easy to manage, monitor and rebuild your Zend Server.The control panel comes with a built in file manager, server monitoring system, tons of charts indicating the health and performance of your server and much more.

ServerGrove is also known for it's stellar support and knowledge of PHP, which also extends to managing your Zend Server. Our staff is heavily involved in the PHP and Zend open source community and we have built a system using best-practices that will fit your Zend project like a glove.

Starting at $20 a month (discounts available for yearly and bi-annual subscriptions).

Select the Zend Server configuration when signing up for a VPS account. >

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